Pathway 2 - Module 1 - Unit 1

Pathway 2 - Module 1 - Unit 1


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Module 1 - The Heart of Monastic Spirituality - Lying on Bare Earth in Total Abandonment to God

Unit 1 - The Devine Call and the Return to Him

Welcome to Pathway TWO: This is first unit of the first module of Pathway TWO.

We do hope that you will enjoy this fairly gentle start to the course.

The monastic tradition is centred around the notion of conversion, not just as a one off thing, but a constant process of drawing nearer to Christ. St Antony tells us to see each day as a new day for renewal of our faith and trust in God. This first unit will give us an opportunity to pause and reflect as to where we have come from and return again to our first call. How do we reconcile our past, present and future? How did we stumble upon monasticism, what was the context, what is God trying to say and do we have a ‘word’ for living our life?  Has anything changed from the start of this unit?