The Key to a Christian conception of studies is the realisation that prayer consists of attention. It is the orientation of all the attention of which the soul is capable towards God…
                                                                                                          Simone Weil – Waiting on God
Our educational programme seeks to support one particular aspect of attention towards God, that is our personal study. Drawing from the Christian monastic tradition both historically and contemporary, from both traditional and new forms of monastic living, our courses encourage a careful and measured reading and retrieval of the sources alongside discernment with the Holy Spirit to guide us.
We currently have two pathways of study; PATHWAY ONE is Reflections in Monastic Spirituality which plots the development of monastic spirituality through the ages to the present day. These units allow us to frame themes in Christian spirituality and particular orientations towards God from a multitude of standpoints. Common to the monastic experience throughout its history is the paradoxical relationship between Self or Monos and a communal understanding of Self, as often revealed to us in the Trinity. The pathway encourages us to reflect from our own context upon the sources but with care and compassion of heart, as we allow the Spirit to illuminate and sometimes challenge our hearts, minds and vocations.

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The second pathway PATHWAY TWO is Reflections in the New Monastic Movement. As our director comes to the end of his PhD in new monasticism, Anthony Grimley will be coordinating and facilitating a series of units of study on the new monastic movement. The courses will focus on what new monasticism looks like, past, present and future in pressing the pause button. The units will help towards framing a period of retreat and discernment from the noise that has developed around the movement, to seek guidance from the Spirit as we look at its short history in preparation for a journey into the unknown. Like pathway one, the units will allow you to reflect from your own context and will at the very least offer you a base from which to explore alone or together as a family, group, community or even a church.
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One unit per month will be delivered online as PDF documents and once a month there will be a Q&A session online to allow for support in ongoing studies. Initially there will be one unit available for each pathway and as more units become available, we will notify you via our mailing list. Whilst each unit will be available to be purchased individually, for those that have subscribed to all our units of a particular pathway, you will receive one unit per month throughout your subscription. 
If you find you are working quicker than one per month,then please contact the director Ant Grimley for a better suited plan of study. Email: ant@monos.org.uk
As Covid restrictions allow, we will develop quarterly gatherings from our Study Centre in Leicestershire to further support people’s study. These days will have guest speakers and will be available to download as audio files for those who are unable to join us.