Meet the Team

Ant Grimley is a Director of Monos and the Ita Project.

‘My interest in Christian monasticism stems from the early nineties with my connection with the Northumbria Community and its pioneering work in new monasticism and the growing number of books on Christian Spirituality and monasticism found in second-hand bookshops throughout Oxford. From the very beginning, I have sought to explore Christian monasticism through both a reflective and practical lens which has culminated in me undertaking doctoral studies in new monasticism and participation with a lived experience of embracing monasticism into my everyday living.

My recent work in academia and praxis, includes exploration into what a vocation to monastic culture looks like outside the cloister. Through the charity, the Ita Project, I am working in the area of wellbeing and mental health awareness, particularly the association of monasticism and wellbeing in organisations, communities, families, and groups. A reflective and practical exploring of monasticism now forms the backbone in the life and work of Monos.

I launched Monos in 2005 in order to enter the growing conversation and debate about the benefits of allowing Christian monasticism to shed light into the corners of the Church that are often not associated with monasticism, including everyday Christian living in: family, work, community, worship, leisure, vocation and society at large.

I currently live in with my wife, five children and parents in the beautiful surroundings of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire on the estate belonging to the Cistercian Abbey of Mount Saint Bernard’s.’

Steve Howe is a Director of Monos and the Ita Project.

Revd. Steve Howe was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 1994 and has worked as a Youth Pastor; Associate Pastor and Church Leader in Church Plants and Independent Churches for over 25 years.

As a Church Leader he first met the family of Monos in 1994 and has worked closely alongside Ant and the Grimley family since then. During this period of time Steve has always believed that the New Monastic movement has gifts and lessons to offer society and the church today.  He has worked hard to help translate some of these aspects of new monastic life & teachings into present day discipleship and ecumenical church life resource’s.

Steve became a Director of Monos in 2015 and has worked with Ant to help shape all of the teaching and education resources that Ant has worked hard to develop as Ant finishes’ his PhD.  These resource’s will be made available shortly through the launch of the new Monos website.

Steve also brings his management skills and experience to the family of Monos and is looking forward to helping develop and oversee; alongside Ant some very exciting new initiatives as Monos continues to develop and bring hope to the ‘changing landscape’ of society and church life today.

Steve with his wife Andrea are based in Swindon and live in a Community Skete called - St Francis Skete.

Revd. Gary Stuckey is an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia.

He is a spiritual director, retreat leader and meditation teacher. He recently completed Doctoral studies in Benedictine spirituality.

‘Over the last fifteen years or so there has been a change in the Church landscape which, I think, many people have found surprising. I am referring to the growing interest in monastic spirituality.

For some people this finds expression as they align themselves with one of the established monastic orders, for example, as a Benedictine Oblate. For others it has led to becoming part of the new monastic movement. The expanding collection of literature on the topic has been fruitful for others as they seek to nurture their spiritual lives. Whatever the expression, monastic life and spirituality is emerging from behind cloistered walls and becoming a guiding wisdom for many who find within it a path which deepens their union with God on their spiritual journey.

I have had an interest in monastic spirituality for over 30 years. In 1994 this interest eventually led me to join the monastic community of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity as a domestic member, that is, someone who seeks to live a monastic lifestyle in the context of their day to day lives. Just recently (April 2015) I transferred my vows so that I am now a Brother of the Community of the Transfiguration based in Teesdale, Australia.

In 2010 I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a conference in the UK presented by Monos and have ever since had the pleasure to support and assist Ant in developing Monos both in the UK and in Australia. I am currently working with Ant in developing the educational platform for Monos.’

Advisory Board: Jonathan Wooding

Jonathan Wooding is a retired university professor, whose interests range across monasticism and pilgrimage from the Middle Ages to the Modern era—including New Monasticism. He is the author, with Anthony Grimley, of Living the Hours: Monastic Spirituality in Everyday Life (Norwich 2010), as well as many other books and articles.

Jonathan has supported Monos from its start in delivering talks at its annual conferences and facilitating retreats and workshops in Celtic Christianity, new monasticism and the life and voyage of St Brendan, on which he has written mainly articles and books.

Revd. Dr Robin Gibbons:

Robin Gibbons is Alexander Schmemann Professor of Eastern Christianity. He was professed as a Benedictine Monk at St Michael's Abbey Farnborough in England in 1973 and ordained priest in 1979. It was there that he became introduced to the Eastern Church, especially the Byzantine Tradition. He later transferred to the Eastern Rite (Greek Catholic) and has specialised in three related areas: Liturgy, the Art and Architecture of the Christian Church and Eastern Christianity and has taught (and still teaches) in these areas in several universities.

In May 2012, he was installed as the International Ecumenical Canon of All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral in Edmonton, Canada, at a Solemn Evensong celebrated by the Anglican bishop of Edmonton. He is also Ecumenical Canon to All Saints' Cathedral College in Edmonton. A member of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oxford, he is also Pastoral Director of the Oxford Theology Summer School and the Director of the Department for Continuing Education. Robin has contributed to many Monos conferences and is currently working with others in Monos on a reader for new monasticism.

Dom Joseph Delargy O.C.S.O.

Dom Joseph Delargy O.C.S.O., entered Mt. St. Bernard Abbey in 1986, made his solemn profession in 1991 and was ordained priest in 1995. He was abbot of Mt. St. Bernard from 2001 to 2013 and, at the time of his election, he was prior of the community. On January 22, 2020, the community of Mt. St. Bernard elected as Abbot for a six-year term.

Fr Joseph has supported Monos throughout its life from acting as an advisor to hosting us on many occasions in the abbey guest house for workshops and retreats. Now that our Monos Centre is situated on the land of Mt. St. Bernard’s Abbey, in the beautiful surroundings of the National Forest, we are so grateful that he continues to advise us on many topics, offering support from within the traditional monastic community.

Sr Mary Luke - profile coming soon...