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Welcome to the website of MONOS, a charitable organisation that through education and community seeks to foster a Monastic Spirit within Society.

Our home is the Mercian Centre, located at the heart of the National Forest in Leicestershire.  Sitting adjacent to Mount St. Bernards Abbey, a Cistercian Monastery, amidst the beautiful Charnwood Forest.

We are a group of people flung together seeking to love and serve our wider community through hospitality, education and resources, creativity and arts, pilgrimage and retreats.  We look forward to welcoming you...



Little Community of John and Mary
A Christian Community living out a calling to know themselves, others and ultimately God...
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Mercian Centre
The Center serves the church and the wider community in Mercia and beyond, offering hospitality in the Tea Room, retreats, conferences, workshops and musical events.
Monos Pastoral
Monos Education
Where people can look at the tradition of monasticism and apply it to their spiritual lives. Offering the Monos Course in Monastic Spirituality & Conferences on New/Secular Monasticism.
Monos Pastoral
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